You're mere minutes away from setting up the outdoor big screen experience that will impress your audience! Here are the simple and easy instructions that will get you started. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you're on your own! Contact us anytime when you need help!

step 1.jpg

step 1

Lay out ground cloth and secure using stakes provided

step 1a.jpg

Step 2

Roll out SuperScreen frame. The frame is deployed with base towards audience and front surface of frame face-up.


step 3

Blower is attached to screen using filler tube provided. Blower uses constant velocity fan using 15 a, 110 V AC. Just plug in and turn on.


step 4

Once frame is inflated, begin to attach screen using clip system provided. Begin at the top of the screen and work around to the base.


step 5

Secure nine tie-down straps to screen frame using closed-loop-hooks and D-rings. Loosely secure opposite end of tie-down straps to secure ground locations using stakes provided or other suitable method.


step 6

After tie-down straps are attached, you’re ready to move SuperScreen into position. Crew members tilt screen to vertical position and slide base into place.

Step 7

Once screen is in final position, cinch tie-down straps to completely secure screen.


Bring on the night!